Our Services

We provide several types of service, starting from market research and analysis and adding business plan and business model recommendations according to our customers’ strategy. We will add all necessary business building blocks, such as mapping the market for potential business partners, facilities, suppliers and strategic investors.

Business Strategy

Every business initiative starts with gathering valuable information regarding the target market potential, market segments, optional business models, main competitors, potential business partners and potential customers.
We analyze this information and provide to our customers with the right business options to choose from, according to their strategy, business targets and budget.

Our services include:

  • Various Options for Business Models in China
  • Market Forecasts (if available)
  • SWOT analysis for main competitors
  • Information regarding potential Business Partners
  • Local Regulations Overview
  • Local Government Programs for New Businesses in the relevant Segments


Getting familiar with your target market is essential before any step you take in the Chinese market; trial and error approach usually costs a lot of money and wastes valuable time. We will provide enough information and options for you to decide when, how and with whom your business can be successful in China.

Locating Suppliers, Facilities and Business Partners

China has huge range of suppliers in almost any segment; these suppliers varies by many aspects, such as quality, price, minimal order quantity, standards and certifications. Some suppliers can provide a full solution, tailored for their customers’ needs and some other can provide only off-the-shelf products with fixed design and features.
ZeYuan locates potential suppliers according to the customer’s requirements and assist in negotiating the business and commercial terms, the quality, the development and the supply.

Areas of expertise:

  • IT and Consumer Electronics
  • Software Houses
  • Semiconductors and Embedded Controllers
  • Food Ingredients


BtB websites may provide all the utilities for purchasing almost any product or raw material from China. However, this approach can never provide you with the best price, the desired quality and features and the ability to modify standard products and receive service. We contact the suppliers and manufacturers directly and negotiate for you all the parameters necessary for your needs.

Additional Services:

  • Identifying factories and negotiating various business models, such as toll manufacturing (OEM), Joint Venture entity or full M&A
  • Negotiating comprehensive agreements that include manufacturing, product licensing and sales in China and Asia-Pacific
  • Negotiating agreements with System Integrators and Service Providers for implementing projects, and not only products (mainly for companies with innovative technologies that need to be customized)
  • Creating and conducting workshops and training sessions with leaders of large organizations in China, government agencies and other professional consultants

Investment Facilitators

When any company is approaching a strategic market such as China, it can also look for strategic local investment. Such investment can help to shorten the time-to-market for the company’s technology and products, facilitate the necessary certifications needed for operating in China and provide an inner view of the marketplace, potential customers and business partners.

Our services include:

  • Match the company and technology to the investor(s)
  • Facilitate the negotiation, material and meetings
  • Assist with the Due-Diligence process

Business Management

Planning and Execution

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