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Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Your Business.

Our Business Model

Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Your Business.

Our company works according to projects; a project can be ad-hoc project that continues for several months or a long-term project, where our customer requires more in-depth market research, establishing the business model and create the basis for sustainable revenue and profit.

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Why Choose Us

Build Strategies. Build Confidence. Build Your Business.

High Level

We are professional, experienced and trustworthy team, capable of conducting business at high level, whether at one-on-one meetings or at large audience events

Well Connected

We have business contacts in many segments and at many levels; Our contacts are decision makers in private and public companies, government agencies and private investors

Bridging the Gap

We are bridging the gap between East and West, making sure that any strategy and target set by our customers are 'translated' to the right action item in China without losing the 'Look'n'Feel

Meet Our Team

Eva Deng


Eva has many years' experience as an operational director in the entertainment and trading business. Eva has many business contacts in China and Asia.

Udi Baran

General Manager

Udi is working and living in China for more than 20 years with extensive business experience as CEO and GM in Fortune-500 companies in China.

Sean Deng

Senior Consultant

Sean has more than 10 years' experience as a QA manager in a state-owned factory in China. Sean also ran his own e-business of selling software accessories for gamers.

David VanDyke

North America Representative

David is a 20-year veteran of Asia, who has run an award-winning software business in China, and a former Big5 management consultant.

Coco Deng


Coco has experience in marketing positions in several industries. Coco's experience involves market research, events management and marketing.

Tracy Qin


Tracy's experience involves locating suppliers, negotiating commercial terms and managing projects, including IoT and computer vision projects.  

Raye Guo

Executive Assistant

Raye's experience involves hotel services in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Thailand. Raye has high level of English, translation proficiency and project management. 

China is the most exciting and fast-growing market for almost any new product and innovative technology. The opportunities are huge but a certain expertise is needed to turn opportunities into a real business success.

Udi Baran

General Manager, ZeYuan

In ZeYuan, we understand the mindset of our customers, whether they are from the East or from the West; this way we can create a successul and efficient cultural and business bridge.

Eva Deng

Founder, ZeYuan

The Business Potential


China's online users share in the total population


China's Global Share in companies valued at 1 Billion $ and up


China Share in Global GDP


Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Your Business.

Food Ingredients

We can provide a full overview on the market in China, the food safety regulations, the consumer habits and the main customers and distributors. We help our customers identify the potential factories for OEM or collaboration with new food technologies and ingredients

Consumer Electronics

We help our customers understand the market, the business model and identify the main players; we also help in designing and developing new products according to the market requirements, locating the potential suppliers, negotiating T&C's and qualifying them 

Modern IT Technologies

From IoT to AI and Big Data, we can analyze the market in China, point out the main trends and identify the main players that can become a major customer or system integrator for the new technology; we also recommend the business model for the most efficient market introduction 

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