We Are ZeYuan

Guiding our customers on how to create and grow a successful and sustainable business in China.

When addressing the market in China, several parameters come into play; following local regulations and procedures, choosing the right local partners, deciding on the right business model and understanding the local culture and dynamics.

We have over 20 years of experience in establishing and managing successful businesses in China; we implement this experience and know-how together with our customers.

We bring the know-how, experience and understanding of how to adjust and localize new products to the Chinese market place, locate the right business partners, customers and suppliers and work closely with the relevant government agencies in order to facilitate the market introduction and create a long-term, successful business.

Our company provides a full suite of consultancy services: market research analysis, adjusting the business model according to the local marketplace and segments, identify competitors and potential business partners, locate facilities and suppliers, provide advice regarding licensing and certifications, provide Project Management and more.

On top, we assist our customers finding strategic investment that can shorten the time-to-market in addition to financial contribution. We can also assist during the due-diligence process and agreement negotiations.

Our main office is in Shenzhen, the ‘hi-tech capital’ and ‘technology hub’ of China.